Accommodation arrangements have been made at a variety of hotels as listed below. Visit the relevant site to find out more about onsite amenities:

Guests who will be staying at these hotels will have the following included in their daily rates:

  1. Bed and Breakfast
  2. Free wireless internet
  3. Daily complimentary bottles of mineral water

Please note that special rates have been negotiated for the Forum partner hotels and the offer is valid until May 31st 2017.
Special Rates:

  1. Radisson Blu/Park In Hotel - $160 for a standard room
  2. Marriot Hotel - $150 for a standard room
  3. Lemigo Hotel - $100 for a standard room

For logistical purposes, we encourage all invitees to stay in one of these partner hotels.
However, for those who wish to stay elsewhere, please visit
Please note that regular security checks will be conducted at the Forum Partner hotels and Kigali Convention Center in the days leading up to the Forum and for the duration of the Forum.

The following are some amenities in the vicinity of the above mentioned hotels:

Restaurants near Radisson Blu Hotel/KCC and Lemigo Hotel

Kigali Heights shopping mall

Opposite Kigali Convention Center

Open restaurant:Restaurants in CBD



Simba Supermarket

Gishushu, near the Hotel Lemigo

+252 570 566

Sole Luna Italian Restaurant

KG 599 Street, Kigali

+250788859 593


KG 543 St, Kigali

+250787 613 233

Tangreen Chinese restaurant


KG 230 St, near RDB building


Chez Robert Kiyovu

African cuisine

+ (250) 728 306 574






Bourbon café

MTN Centre at Nyarutarama

+250 789 777 773





Pizza and Chicken Inn

KG 9 Ave, Kigali, Gacuriro

+250 78 672 5380



Next to Woodlands,

Gacuriro, KG 9 Ave, Kigali

+250 728 999 341


Aberdeen House hotel, Gacuriro,

KG 14 Ave, Kagugu

+250 280 300 200






Clean Point Ltd. Gacuriro

located near Brioche


Food Delivery

Jumia Food (former Hello food)

Register on their website: they will be able to deliver for you or call +250 788 553 338

Grocery stores and super markets


Trading hours

Nakumatt – Kigali City Tower & UTC

9:00 am to 22:00 pm

Monday to Sunday


Simba Supermarket

Open 24 hours

Woodlands - Gacuriro

Open 24hours